Coalition Activities

The Coalition, through its members, undertakes a wide range of planning, design and construction projects to implement smart growth around the area’s five train stations. Activities include:

  • 2016/2017

  • The Freeway Drive and Station Area Safety & Public Realm Study is underway.  A series of public meetings will be held in October and November.  The study will focus on ways to reconnect the neighborhoods south of Freeway Drive with their respective Downtowns and NJ Transit rail stations, transform Freeway Drive into a safer and more attractive environment for pedestrians and bikers of all ages that can complement the adjacent land uses and redevelopment initiatives, create a vision for the Freeway Drive that helps create a larger identity for the corridor as a whole, as well as the individual station areas within the corridor. Visit the project page for more information.
  • 2015

  • Freeway Drive Improvements – Freeway Drive in Orange and East Orange is a service road running along the north and south sides of Route 280. On both sides of the interstate highway, with three to four lanes of traffic and a speed limit of 40 mph, the two roadways split the communities to the north and south, and create hazardous conditions for pedestrians crossing the area. High numbers of crashes involving pedestrians are further evidence of the problems. The need to correct this set.
  • The Coalition, in partnership with Essex County, applied for a grant to develop a concept for redesigning Freeway Drive, the bridges over Route 280, and the areas surrounding the East Orange, Brick Church, and Orange rail stations. Work will begin mid-2015.
  • 2014

  • The Coalition’s strategic plan was released in 2014. The Plan, called “The Inner M&E Strategic Corridor Plan for Newark, East Orange, and Orange,” provided much information about the corridor’s assets, the challenges it faces, and strategies for addressing them. The plan calls for the creation of a Coalition of the area’s many stakeholders to work together to identify priorities for the area, and take steps to address them.  The plan may be downloaded by clicking here.  (The plan may take 3 to 4 minutes to download as it is a high-resolution pdf.)
  • Hired a part-time coordinator for the Coalition. The coordinator is an experienced City Planner who is working with the Coalition members to identify priorities and develop strategies for addressing them.
  • An area-wide event held on June 21st, 2014
  • Created a Coalition website.